minna tomei is introducing a new menu and offering a 15% discount on that menu on
Sun.-Thurs. from noon to 5pm
Five styles of cuisine taking their inspiration from five markets in the Far East united into one restaurant – minna tomei.
The best of Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, India and Korea. So much the same and yet so different.
Five markets gathering together the essence of Asian culture and harmoniously combining the tastes, smells, colors, languages, customs, sounds, overcrowding and curiosity, into one unique and surprising experience.
We invite you to take part in a journey of magnificent dishes – an abundance of fresh seafood, a variety of dim sum, a selection of soups form the East, rice noodles stir-fried at the hands of a master, and in addition – enjoy our traditional Indian V.I.P. room, Japanese style seating, a children's menu, and 15% discount seating at the bar after 10:30pm.
The restaurant is located at the Castra Center – a center for the arts in Haifa. The location abounds in greenery and art, plenty of parking and is fully accessible for the disabled.

Business Card

Indian, Japanese, Thai, TAKE AWAY, Far East, Asian

8 Fliman Castra Center, Haifa


Fax: 04-6668084
Activity Hours:
Sun. – Sat. noon – midnight
Price Per Diner

According to menu

Sun. – Thurs. noon – 5pm
Payment Methods

Credit card and cash